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It's been very quiet here for a long time, sorry! That will hopefully change now though!
We no longer live on our wonderful little farm and we miss all our animals, trees and garden, but Life brought us new challenges and adventures in 2015, and we are currently renting a little cottage in beautiful Mangawhai, a seaside village 90 minutes North of Auckland, for the 2016 summer. I have moved on from fairy gardens as I no longer have access to the natural materials needed to make them. I have to keep my creative juices flowing, hoever, so am sewing a lot again, as you will see . . .😊
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A few new creations for the markets

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  1. I LOVE these pretty cute gardens you have been busy with........ wish I could buy them all

  2. Ooo Tilly those are adorable! Such patience and imagination.

    Ter ;) Former Big sister from Canada.